Whiteboards from OptiMA® are an essential tool in the classroom or workspace. Dry erase boards let you organize your thoughts, create visual demonstrations and instruct. We all know that they're an invaluable, creative tool.

We have a full range of whiteboards for sale. Small, medium and extra-large. Full height walls and other dry erase writing solutions that will fit your decor.

We have many quality brands such as our own OptiMA® Great White®, RitePlus® & RiteOn™. We also sell other reputable brands from long-standing U.S. manufacturing companies.

Magnetic vs. Non-Magnetic: Magnetic means that the board or surface is magnetic receptive. You can use magnets and other magnetic accessories. Non-magnetic boards are not magnetic receptive. You can't accept a magnet on them.

Shop our huge selection of dry erase boards today. Find the solution that's right for your classroom or workspace.

  • OptiMA® 59" Wide Low-Gloss Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Covering

    Our Price: $32.95
  • Custom Printed Student Lapboard, Dry Erase Custom Print on Both Sides, Rounded Corners

    Our Price: $11.86
  • OptiMA® Student Lap Board with US Map

    Our Price: $14.41
  • Frameless Dry Erase Boards with Smooth White Painted Edges

    Our Price: $547.95
    Walker Products, Inc.
  • Magnetic Tabletop Dry Erase Board

    Our Price: $38.36
  • Platinum Magnetic Reversible Cork Whiteboard

    Our Price: $844.46
  • Clear Acrylic Dry Erase Mobile Divider, 54" x 38.5"

    Our Price: $502.46
  • OptiMA® Custom Printed Full Height Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard Wall

    Our Price: $1,644.71
  • OptiMA® Great White® 5' Magnetic Whiteboards with Cork Map Rail

    Our Price: $594.96
  • Glass Dry Erase Boards, Gold or Silver Standoffs

    Our Price: $71.36
  • Custom Printed Glass Dry Erase Boards, Silver or Gold Standoffs

    Our Price: $169.96
  • OptiMA® Driver's Ed Teaching Kit

    Our Price: $158.91