Tack Boards

Tack Boards

Bulletin boards can be simple natural tan cork or made with more colorful fabrics. We have tan cork boards with aluminum and oak frames.

Colored fabric boards come with frames or fancy wrapped edges. Burlap offers a softer more executive look. Vinyl covered bulletin boards are a favorite among schools and healthcare facilities. Vinyl covered bulletin boards are washable.

Colored cork boards with Plas-Cork™ (also known as Forbo) are super heavy duty. Great for areas with high moisture or extensive use and come with aluminum or oak frames. Big selection of colors too.

Enclosed bulletin boards have locking glass doors and keep everything safe. We have units for indoor and outdoor use.

Cork and display map rails are a longtime favorite of schools, classrooms and offices too. Long cork tack strips in 1" or 2" widths up to 12' long. They protect your walls from tack holes and prevent tape damage. Simple to install and super effective.

We also offer a variety of cork and tack board materials for the do-it-yourself projects. Customer service can help you with color samples and any questions you may have before you buy.

  • Cork Boards with Aluminum Trim

    Our Price: $52.95
  • forbo colored cork rolls

    Our Price: $60.71
    Educational Equipment
  • Fabric Wrapped Radius Edge Tackboard, Choice of Color and Size

    Our Price: $47.96
  • Wrapped Edge Guilford of Maine Fabric Tackboard, Square

    Our Price: $45.56
  • Wrapped Edge Koroseal Vinyl Tackboard, Radius Corner

    Our Price: $43.16
  • Burlap Backed Forbo / Plas-Cork Bulk Material

    Our Price: $30.34
    Walker Products, Inc.
  • Show-Off Reversible Unit with Natural Tan Cork Surface

    Our Price: $425.00
    Walker Products, Inc.
  • Reversible Portable Cork Board

    Our Price: $493.47
  • 1/4" Thick Natural Tan Cork Roll, Full Roll of 4' x 100'

  • OptiMA® Great White® Magnetic Cork Whiteboard

    Our Price: $109.95
  • Aluminum Frame Reversible Natural Cork

    Our Price: $555.80
  • Wood Framed Natural Grain Cork Board

    Our Price: $18.36
    Aarco Products, Inc.